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Support the Community
Grow the Network 

Refer a Friend... Get rewarded!!

For each Succesful Referral

Get a DISCOUNT on your next monthly invoice(s)



How do I get my friend to join BLINK?

You can simply invite your friend to a free tour at BLINK's coworking space via email! Our team

will set up the free tour and pass for your friend to experience the working life at BLINK.
Contact with the subject line: "Referral for my friend"

What do I get if I refer someone?
You'll get a reduction on your next monthly membership invoice. We will offer you a credit equal to 20% of the price your friend will pay.


What information do I need to provide to submit a referral?
In order to submit a referral, we need your referral's full name, email address, phone number, and company name. The more the information, the faster we can setup the process for you and your friend!

Why do you need the referral name, email and their company information?
The information is needed so we can properly attribute your referral points and ensure you get the benefit of discount.

Does my referral get anything?
Your friend will be able to join BLINK's community and become a part of a deep network
full of entrepreneurs, startup, and difference-makers from various industries.

Can I give the tour myself?
Of course! However, just so that we can answer any kind of question your friend may
have, personnel from our team may accompany you for the tour.


How do I know if my referral has joined?
You'll get an email from the BLINK team as soon as your referral officially joins.
You can also stay up to date on the progress of referrals by contacting our staff at any time!