Company set-up and operational support

The procedures for starting up a business in Japan are quite complicated and stressful for a foreign company. BLINK can provide support and complete procedures on your behalf, which enables you to focus more on running your business Incorporation in Japan (Kabushiki Kaisha, Godo Kaisha, etc)


Incorporation Services

  • Company Registration

  • Visa Application

  • Bank Account Setting


Business Support

  • Accounting & Taxes

  • HR

  • Social/Labor Insurance Enrollment

  • Application Of Laws  

…and more


On/Off-site administrative assistance

BLINK not only offers translation services but also content creation such as websites and promotion videos in multiple languages. In addition, we offer various training (Japanese business manners, Japanese corporate culture, etc) to prepare your company and your employees to face Japanese clients. We provide support for both tangible and intangible services in order to expand your business in Japan.

  • On/Off-site Secretarial Support: Research and daily assistance in the Japanese business community

  • Translation Services

  • Cultural Training: Prepare your company and your employees to face Japanese clients.



Our support extends to exceptional moments on expanding your business

BLINK can coordinate and dispatch talented temporary staff proficient in various languages. We provide strong support for clients looking for multilingual staff to assist at international exhibitions, conferences, and any other business events.

  • Booth Staff

  • Promo Models

  • Hospitality Staff

  • Receptionists

  • Moderators/MCs

  • Interviewer, Reporters

  • DJs

  • TV Personalities

  • Photographers/Videographers

VIP Concierge Services

Providing personal assistance

Providing the highest level of concierge services, BLINK is dedicated to hosting and entertaining your VIP guests with a personal touch and enthusiasm. We offer a broad range of concierge services from corporate requests to personal or family purposes.

  • VIP Event Hospitality Specialist

Our attendants will accompany your VIP guests and take on a tour around event venues with great hospitality

  • VIP Tour Concierge

We take care of your guests providing a bespoke experience, from discreet luxury accommodation, chauffeur driven transport to exclusive events.

Event planning

 We can assist planning and managing creative directions, visual communications, PR, at conventions, ceremonies and other events.


IT Solutions for your business

Our team not only offers wide variety of IT consulting, but also skilled to build creative contents, and are equipped for corporate/commercial video production appealing to the designated market.

  • Website  Creation

  • SEO/SEM Related Solutions

  • Website Marketing Strategies

  • SNS Operation/Marketing Services

  • Virtual Character Creation

  • Video Production