Be part of the most vibrant and innovative community in Tokyo.

The Blink Community is built on the people we connect with and the opportunities we create. Members of our coworking community are bright, hardworking, successful, and inspiring. You will meet many talented and amazing people willing to share their skills, knowledge, and time. Most importantly, they’re collaborating! At the end of the day, everyone goes home smarter, happier, and more inspired.

Innovators and Entrepreneurs under One Roof


We realize working alone can be boring, stressful, and limiting. We have therefore created a hub where innovators, creative thinkers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs can come together, share ideas, and improve productivity off growth-inducing collaborations. Surrounded by like minds, now you can network effectively and work efficiently.


Blink’s new space is home to countless events geared toward helping people develop their skills and to connect with others. These include Meetups, workshops, brainstorms, classes, discussion groups, hackathons, demos, fundraisers, parties, and more.

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We want to provide you the perfect work environment to grow your business and gives you the ability to grow your team as and when you need in a creative space without having to commit to longterm fixed rental spaces.

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