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If you are looking for a silent space to work from, look no further. We provide Day pass and Half Day pass options with socially distanced desks for you to be productive whenever you need to. If you need more privacy, you can even use our phone booths for 2 hours under the category.

Utilities: high-speed Wifi, power outlets, 2h private room pass, access to cafe (we also provide professional barista services)

 Weekdays 9am-6pm = ¥2,000

Weekdays 1pm-6pm = ​¥1,000


phone booth

If you are looking for a silent space to jump on a quick zoom call, we have the perfect solution for you. Our phone booths comes with comfortable space for 1 person, high-speed wi-fi, & power outlets. Charges are on an hourly basis.

Utilities: high-speed Wifi, power outlets, LAN port & cable for stable internet connection”

¥500 / hour

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cafe Lounge

Are you surprised that we have an in-house cafe? Well, we provide freshly brewed coffee and tasty Brazilian food. Along with these delicacies, you also get access to high-speed wifi and power outlets on every table. We also play music and our cafe has a great International vibe to it.
Grab a cup of coffee, and get your work done!


Utilities: High-speed wifi, power outlet, Lounge (Cafe Lounge)

Opening Hours: Weekdays 9am-6pm

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3-1-6 Motoazabu, Minato-ku

Tokyo, Japan



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