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​We are located right next to Roppongi Hills!
So grab a laptop and drop in.

No appointments necessary... Just show up, find a spot, and get your job done!

Hotdesk Daypass:

¥2,000/ day (access to HD area at 1F and 2F)

daily private office + meeting room access:

¥5,000 for 2 persons office 

¥7,000 for 3 persons office

¥9,000 for  4 persons office

¥10,000 for 5 persons office

Subject to availabilities as well as Terms & Conditions

4 people office
3 people office
Meeting Room
4F Hot Desk
Cafe Hot Desk

​A place where you can drop by and start working straight away?


Looking for a peaceful place to focus?

Work in a roof terrace with great view?

Accelerate productivity with coffee in hand?

​For reservations or inquiries, submit the form on the right!

Time of arrival
Preferred Service
Start your entrepreneur journey together...
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3-1-6 Motoazabu, Minato-ku

Tokyo, Japan

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