you can't...

Whatever your office or space requirements, we provide flexible and affordable Business solutions that perfectly fit your needs. Whether you are a freelancer, business owner, or entrepreneur, we provide the perfect working environment to grow your business.

Hotdesk, Dedicated Desks and Private Offices available for individuals and teams starting at ¥20,000/month.


Right people

      Right Place

            Right time...

Nothing's better than having great and innovative people participating in our community...


Join our Global Community of creative minds and business adventurers now, start collaborating, and increase your productivity!


FOR Entrepreneurs

Blink is home to countless events geared toward helping people develop their skills and to connect with others.

These include Meetups, workshops, brainstorms, classes, discussion groups, hackathons, demos, fundraisers, parties, and much more...


BLINK is an exclusive hub for startups & business owners with an international mindset! Our modern work setting will give you the opportunity to fully flex your creative muscle and

concentrate on getting your job done!

You’d never have to worry about anything else! Now you can work smarter to achieve your goals and promote business growth without hindrance...


Finding the perfect, convenient, hip and smart coworking space in Tokyo just got a whole lot easier!

​Turn your ideas into reality...



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